I’m back..

Yes, im back. and this time on my terms. i remember this blog kept me sane last time when i was home for a long time and i have a reason to believe it;ll do its thing again. it was one of those spur of the moment things, lying wide awake in life dealing with my inner demons when i realized that i need to address these issues that ive been dragging like an anchor around. i made a blog before under an alias but that didnt last long. third time’s the charm they say.

the last blog had too much history. its very reason for existence was something i fought to forget for long. that’s all in the past now and even when it rears its ugly head i have the will to fight it off. im not that scrawny little kid i was when this started. i have lived and ive been bashed and bruised but whats important is that i’m still here. it’ll take a lot more than a sucker punch to knock me down. and the thing is even if im down and out, ill keep coming back. coz that’s who i am and thats what i do.

this marks another beginning. i guess ill have to get the wordpress app too, you never know when inspiration strikes. for now i have nothing, but its only a matter of time. watch this space.

im back, and this time im here to stay. this will not become another thing that i pick up and let go before finishing it. i wont let it.


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