A Pirate’s tale

A dream come true,

Now a rotten nightmare.

Dark and pure evil,

Worse than that kraken’s stare.


The seas provide no solace.

I wander till I’m lost.

Far and wide your pursuit has taken me,

Searched through rain, blizzards, storms and frost.


My heart lies wounded,

Pierced like a grounded ship.

While you relax on beaches,

With life’s pleasures to sip.


Mermaids didn’t match your beauty,

Phoenix’s didn’t surpass your flair.

The winds didn’t beat your touch,

But now you lie hidden somewhere.


I sail the oceans,

Knowing deep down you may never be found.

But I search none the less,

For you have left me spell bound.


Curses to you woman,

If that’s what you really are.

Now I walk these ghostly towns,

Searching every house, every bar.


Release me from your crutches

And be gone from my dreams.

Let me be as I was before,

When life was simple and serene.


I’m scared of none,

Not even black beard himself.

But I see your face in the fog; and turn into

A stone gargoyle like the one on my shelf.


I wish I knew all about you,

Right from the start.

A wise man be that Davy Jones,

Who cut his chest and removed his heart.


Your memories now a dragging anchor,

Taking me down with them.

What must be done to break the shackles,

And for all of this to end?


I sail where the winds take me,

I follow often a flock of seagulls.

Sometimes I just drift in the water,

Listening to the tales of Beedle.


I carry my broken heart

And search for you forever,

Should’ve never abandoned you,

And now I may see you never.


But what was I to do?

Lives were at stake.

You were there at that storm,

Your hull was about to break.


You belong with the ocean now.

But I left without a goodbye.

And now you won’t come back to me.

No matter how hard I try.


Who knows to this date,

If you sank or drift still?

But I shall find you my precious,

I swear to you, I will.



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