Delhi metro welcomes you…

the ride from Saket metro station to Golf course Noida is a long one. ive always had the same approach, get it, plug in some music, stare out for an hour and get out. but today i felt like carrying out a social experiment. I’ve seen what lies on the outside, figured id spend some time checking out what goes on inside. Well for starters, the silence is deafening. Not a sound at first when the train is nice and empty, not counting the frequent annoying announcements. But when you think about it, they are sort of necessary coz apparently people need to be told that playing loud music and sitting on the floor of the train is ‘unpleasant’ for others. Unpleasant? Whaaat?!?

This may sound harsh but people often behave like cattle. Directionless, aimless, pointless. Stuff like this is common sense but apparently its not that common. I did notice that the general population was mostly around 30s which is good coz a young nation theoretically means…well in this case I dunno what the hell it means. We wouldn’t be in a bad shape otherwise now would we. But anyway I carried on with my observations, despite being a nation whose population is dominated by people under 35, the fitness levels are appalling. Fighting for seats with their fat bellies, leaning against pillars, almost pulling down the damn handles; nah not impressed. Not one bit. I got up an offered my seat to this elderly gentleman but before he could sit, a low life jackass came and stole it. I stood there wondering what the fuck just happened. Unfit physically and mentally.

The idea of personal space is lost. I think we have become accustomed to having hundreds of people within arms length and it doesn’t bother anyone anymore. For some reason people prefer grinding each other over taking one step and standing in complete isolation. I don’t get it at all.

But then soon after the crowds poured in and I was intrigued to hear what my countrymen had to talk about. One group mimicked metro announcements, another talked about some weird movie I had never heard of, little kids started yelling, some fat guy stamped my foot; needless to say it was a lost cause and for once in my life I did not mind hearing those metro announcements over these clowns.

I gave up, and popped open my Murakami. Yeah, im trying my hand at reading these days. Apparently if you don’t read what every other person has read, you lack the understanding nay the appreciation towards anything. You are marked as a man from the forest and the idea of you being normal is ridiculed. I didn’t need a book to realize that judging a person solely on these grounds is ludicrous. I believe every man acts and reacts differently, based on his own understanding and experiences. So not being into reading that much does not make me an illiterate. I don’t see one soul who can create a blog that can amass 30 thousand hits in 2 years. Read all the books you can, it takes what you have on the inside to cut it in the real world. But I digress…

He carried on, describing this sexy slender woman carry out the perfect crime with her bare hands. The poor bastard never saw it coming. The length of the book is intimidating but I realized it makes metro travel a whole lot easier and seem shorter. Works better than music.

Well, thats about it I think. Sadly I’ll be taking this journey each work day for the next 3 months and I have Bombay to look forward to after that. Don’t even get me started on Bombay. Another post maybe…


8 thoughts on “Delhi metro welcomes you…

  1. Hi Arjun, seems a long way from those quiet interludes on deck as you looked across the vast ocean to the horizon…
    The Metro sounds a nightmare…. I travel on Public transport while I support the people I do within my day job… and the negative energies, well, I try to put a bubble around me.. People are so rude and no respect..
    In my younger years I was always taught to stand up and give up my seat for the elderly or pregnant woman or those who had young toddlers to cope with .. Now a days, no one bothers, while some sit with bags on seats and begrudgingly move them when asked, so someone may sit down..

    Good Luck with your Day job for the next 3 months.. Bombay! now that I would think is even more crowded??

    Wishing you well in all you do, 🙂 Sue

    1. oh yes sue bombay is far far worse. no doubts about it. isnt a day job though, i have this course i have to do. wouldnt give up the sea for this madness ever!!

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