Movie review : Captain Phillips

There arent a lot of people who can say they’ve had a movie made on their profession. there arent a lot of people who can say that the movie was based on their company and furthermore there arent a lot of people who can say, that the movie had academy award wining actor Tom Hanks in it.

To be honest i didnt have high hopes from this one. all maritime movies are an utter exaggeration of the truth and they just fail to deliver. But this one is something else. The movie starts with Tom Hanks checking his email, flight details, paper work, passport etc, something which i do as well right before leaving. that drive to the airport, when your mind is filled with a million questions. what’s it gonna be like? how’s the ship’s condition going to be? will the people back home be safe while im gone? you resort to small talk to calm your nerves and the anxiety is mind numbing. something that i go through too.

I was glad to see a Maersk ship again after so many months, the same cabins, the same corridors, the same bridge and the same engine room. The movie then takes a very serious turn when it depicts scenes from Somalia as the pirates prepare to attack a “big ship” which will fish them millions of dollars in ransom. i wont go into a lot of detail, but i know most of you will avoid this movie coz its not your average hollywood action flick and most of you wont get it or understand the gravity of the situation. this isnt made up fiction, this is fact, this actually happened to a man, to a crew, to a ship. What impressed me the most was that they did not deviate from the truth. they showed that in case of a piracy attack all a sailor has is his own engine, his rudder, fire hoses, a few pyrotechnics and his own tact. and the movie shows how easy it is for a man with a gun in a high speed boat to overcome all of that. how ships are sitting ducks and how the world is completely oblivious to this. how something needs to be done clearly but no one seems to grasp the gravity of it all.

Tom Hanks, as always does a phenomenal job. completely owns the part and adds his own personalized brilliance to the role, making the audience connect with the pain and torture that Captain Phillips went through in real life. we as sailors are given training about piracy and how to deal with pirates if they come onboard but even then this movie was bone chilling. Not a lot of people can relate to what i’m saying here but trust me this movie is worth watching. if it is still running in a movie hall near you, go see it over the weekend.

but towards the end i had a question. To rescue Captain Phillips, an american citizen, the US navy deployed 3 warships and the matter reached the white house. Several Indian sailors at this moment are held captive in Somalia. some for over 36 months, demanding ransom from companies who have abandoned them. Will the indian government come to my rescue if something happens to me? will anyone move a muscle? the answer….well you all know it.

Captain phillips – 7.5/10 from my side. Marks for pin point accuracy.


7 thoughts on “Movie review : Captain Phillips

  1. I also went to watch the Movie at the cinema and enjoyed, but like you said, it was a bit over the top with war ships… but this was based upon a true story, so who knows.. But for the likes of you and me.. we would be left to our own fates I believe..

    Have a good weekend Arjun…. sending you thoughts across the sea! even if you are temporarily land locked πŸ™‚
    Sue xox

    1. LOL πŸ˜€ i do feel land locked at the moment. miss the freedom. i due time i guess. Happy Diwali Sue πŸ™‚ have a great weekend.

    1. Hey sue, i’ll be here for a while. almost a year. lengthy process to get my certification done sadly. but enjoying my stay regardless πŸ™‚

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