Freedom..or what’s left of it.

Ive come a long way. Ive seen the earth evolve and transform over the years. More importantly ive seen people change. Not just their clothes, but people in general. We used to be a simple bunch back then. We didn’t have much but we were taught to cherish what we had. There was no point in complaining because we didn’t know who to complain to. We accepted everything life threw in our way and we took it silently. “Such is life” our mother used to tell us. We were instructed to keep our heads down and not get into trouble. After all these years I find myself wondering why did we take all that nonsense back then?


India was still breathing the fresh air of freedom I remember. We didn’t really get what freedom meant. I used to get nightmares that the English would return and they had been hiding in the bushes all along. I was ofcourse a kid back then but everyone shared my fears. It took us a while to understand that we were free and we began to understand what freedom really meant. After all these years I ask myself, why did we wait for so long?


Its difficult these days for the government to keep the citizens happy. After all these years of sitting around watching corruption tear our country apart, the general population has taken matters into their own hands. And rightly so, because our core has been corrupted too. I don’t even know where to begin. So this morning when I woke up to the news that said “Homosexuality is a punishable offence now” I was suddenly reminded of the time when the British raj banned the general population from making salt. Only then we were under rule. Who are we under now? We don’t choose who we love, we don’t know what’s right or wrong. We can’t make choices for others and we can’t force people to be a certain way. People didn’t fight the British decades ago only to be under a new kind of suppression. One that contradicts the very idea of freedom we once fought for. All we ever wanted back then was to be free. Maybe that’s what they feel too. They want their freedom. Freedom from prejudice, from being judged, from being punished for who they choose to be with.


I’ve come a long way. And even though our battles have changed, they are still pretty much for the same reason. However things have changed. I see people take a stand for what they want. They’re willing to face the brunt of the police and their lathis and water cannons. They are willing to go to an extent to challenge the godmother of judiciary in India. And rightly so, someone has to put an end to this. I wonder what else will spawn as evil in the eyes of the supreme court tomorrow. I shudder to think….


5 thoughts on “Freedom..or what’s left of it.

  1. Such wisdom, yes so many who lay in judgement of another with prejudices and laws to suit a particular ideal of someone’s perception of what is right .. There is coming a time Arjun when people across all the world will say enough is enough.. and unfortunately that time is drawing ever closer as we have seen in many places around our globe as people join and stand together for Justice….

    I think the time is coming and its sad to think many will stand up and die for justice before we see a Real Change in the way this world operates.

    Sending out my thoughts to all .. for all are One and all are equal

    Blessings to you xox

      1. We are never really Free, only the illusion of freedom, even here we are bound by taxes left right and centre, rules, laws, rights, limits… We can only truly be free in our minds…
        Even if I went to live as a hermit and built a home in the woods LOL someone would come along and say this wood belonged to them, and then apply rules to the kind of home I could build.. haha…. so Freedom is an illusion.. But we are the ones building this world with our thoughts.. The only hope I have Arjun is that we are gradually awakening up to the fact.. As we expose the corruption of Big business, even sport is corrupt as we recently hear about Football match rigging here in the UK.. And so it goes on.. its all about Profit, Greed, and Power ..
        And when Power can be gained its usually over the weak or minority, such as with Homosexuality, Gays etc…
        In Russia too they have set upon the Gays, and so it seems the prejudices go back wards instead of forwards… As countries progress one way, they fall back in another.. Here in UK is no different..

        Before this world will Change, Really Change Arjun, it will come nearly to its knees… when Mankind will no longer have anything other than is basic survival to fight for.. He will learn that to survive he must pull together for we all need each other….

        I hope I do not live to see that time my friend.. But I truly believe that nature will be the one we do battle with…. after we have done fighting amongst ourselves…. Mother Nature will reclaim what Man has taken, and she has all the time in the world to rebuild what took us only a few short years to destroy.

        I wish I didnt see or feel so much..

      2. completely agree with you Sue. it just appears that the past few years have been a downward spiral with no sign of respite. whats worse is that the opinions of a few people in power govern the actions of billions who may or may not agree with them. you’re right in saying freedom is an illusion.

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