On-screen romance

I remember I was on a flight back home heading back from Malaysia. I had a few beers in me and the moon had the stage all to herself. It was indeed a difficult time, I had just parted ways with Maersk Copenhagen and I was heading home after 4 months. What made it different was the fact that I had opted for a study leave, so the sights and sounds of waves crashing were going to be absent for a while. In my solemn lonesome despair, I figured I’d should drown these thoughts. And that’s when you came in front of me. It was the first time I saw you and it most certainly left an indentation. We spent our time together and then that was it. Life caught up with me and that was that. But then after all these months, I saw you again out of the blue. And much like last time I couldn’t shift my gaze away. On that boring lonely flight back home, you gave me company. We’ll always have that moment even if it was a couple hours. It was all that I needed, the perfect way to transition back into my old/new life here. I don’t know where you are, for all I know you might be half way around the world; but in times when I find myself alone I’ll think of you and that dimpled smile of yours. And even though we’ll probably never meet and you’ll never hear my side of the conversation I’ll make it work. i hope to see you pop up on my screen soon just like today.


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