Classroom dreams

He went on and on about steering gear arrangements. I think one has to have a genuine live for a subject or teaching or have nothing else significant going on in life. That the highlight of their day would be talking about steering gear arrangements. I couldn’t tell which reality was his but he spoke with such passion that it amazed me. Suddenly I wasn’t battling sleep anymore, not that I was listening to him either. I watched him go on and on with this skip in his voice and a look of content after explaining a slide. Like he had successfully performed a magic trick. The happiness showed. Every now and then he would raise his voice to stress on a point and end his sentence with a beaming smile, letting us absorb what he just said. The class however like clueless and had given up on understanding him or paying attention. I think our confusion appeased him, like a cocky arrogance on realizing that he had us shrouded in doubt. I thought about her at this point. Thought what she would say. Probably why I wrote this in the first place; while he carried on about something no one really seemed to care about…


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