Me and a plate of fish tikka.

Life throws curve balls sometimes. Puts you in a situation you probably expected but didn’t realize it could get that bad. Not 5 minutes into this reception and I find itself alone sitting at the corner table eating fish tikka with sprite. Well atleast the food isn’t that bad. Drove for close to an hour to get here and everyone dispersed like free radicals. What makes it worse is that I don’t know anyone here. Folks know the parents of the groom and bro knows the groom from college. He ran into an old cluster of friends and that was it. Just like old times. Folks too found old people they knew. And to make things worse I’m stuck in an area with zero network connectivity. That leaves me and this plate of fish tikka. And now that’s over too. The Indian marriage scene is very delicate. Women stick to their moms or their huge group of lehenga clad women and are basically unapproachable. All the wedding crashers stuff is bullshit. Hard truth is if u don’t know anyone you end up writing posts on your new networkless iPhone. Rotten kids run around and the wedding band plays old clichéd tracks that should’ve died a long time ago. The food is good though. Whipped up an awesome eggs sunny side up in the afternoon and I guess the food is matching up to the awesomeness. So this was Christmas Eve 2013. Hate to even end this now coz I’m bored like hell but I believe I’m heading toward a downward spiral into depressing thoughts. Lemme scout some booze. Maybe that will stir things up a bit. Or not. 


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