Mr Gulati

It hit me today while i was getting yelled at in class that i’m actually going to miss getting yelled at by Mr. Gulati. Decided there and then that i had to write about him. it all began 4 months ago in the second lecture of this never ending course. He always found reasons to yell at us and over the past 4 months that didnt change at all. the first time he yelled at us was because we were not familiar with the building’s fire escape plans. Now fire safety is a big deal on a ship but here on land you go like whaaaa?!? fire what now?? But anyway that carried on. First lecture itself i was his target. See how he operates is that he invites you to answer a question and you’ll be all like “Hell yeah ima nail this question to the wall” and you’re singing the answer out loud in class while other’s listen in total silence, feeling good about yourself and just when you think “Damn, maybe this course wont be so bad afterall”; Gulati steps in and fires up a counter question that leaves you like :O !!!! Where did that come from?!?

yeah i learnt early on to keep it on the DL in his class. quietly take notes and sit so far in the back that even his amplified vision wont reach those dark corners. But it went on. the second batch came in the following month and some poor bloke made the same mistake that i made. Suddenly i wasnt a target anymore. Poor blokes got yelled at for all kinds of shit. It all changed for the better one day though. i remember it was a ship construction class and he asked a bunch of questions which i nailed. i think it was the first time i saw the man give a nod of appreciation. and then that was it. i was firing up all kinds of answers from nowhere and he would eventually come to me when the entire class was dumbstruck about some question. Yeah i still got yelled at when i got stuff wrong or asked stupid questions but i realized all along he meant well. that somewhere behind all his yelling was a man who wanted us to do better in life, wanted us to understand, wanted to drill knowledge in a way we would never forget and i guess it worked. i dont really remember any lecture in particular from the other lecturers but i sure as hell remember what Gulati’s classes were like. He kept you on your toes the whole time, even during those long long extra classes.

It’s always funny when he starts each month discussing fire plans of the building and i always look forward to who he’s gonna focus on the entire month. So today when he yelled at me for skipping his last two lectures, i couldnt help but smile. yeah i got yelled at for smiling too but that’s ok. i know he means well. the course will be into its final week this Monday and that’s the last I’ll probably see of Gulati. His classes were truly legendary; in every sense of the word. Like they say-all good things come to an end; and this is where we part ways.

Thanks for everything Sir.


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