10 things Candy crush taught me.

Things I’ve learnt from candy crush.

It’s gotta be the stupidest yet the most addictive game I’ve ever come across. It’s got me dreaming about colours and making sets of three, peeping into phones on the subway trying to figure out if they’re ahead of me, checking frequently if I’ve got more lives unlocked or not. But if you look beyond the candies this game does teach a few valuable lessons which hit me when I was in battle. Only those playing candy crush will understand what I’m saying here. 

1. Often, for the pursuit of something grand, we lose focus of what’s important. Trying to get two special candies together and eventually losing sight of how many lives you’ve got left. Much like in real life. Expecting life to be grand, grand gestures, pursuit of that feeling that makes your toes curl. And while we search for all that, life goes on and on. 

2. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. There were times when I was stuck for days in a level. Spent close to a week trying to get past but it didn’t budge. But eventually I did. Failures will happen and happen undoubtably. Dont give up. 

3. Impossible is nothing. I thought I had met my match on this one level. Figured I would eventually have to delete the game but then I cracked it. As long as you’ve done your part, the rest will fall in place on its own. 

4. The concept of time. Waiting every half an hour for a life has made me appreciate the concept of time. How long it takes to get back in the game. While in life we forget about it. 

5. Life is a journey, not a destination. I shudder to think what will happen if I finish this game. The journey towards the end is far more appealing. Take some time off and look around you. All work and no play just sucks, what else can I say? 

6. The art of war. War requires strategy. Battles are won by using the power of thought and not just by brute force. It takes patience to identify the opponent’s weaknesses and strike at the opportune moment. 

7. Life does give second chances. If one door closes another opens. If one move fails, another becomes available. 

8. Trust your instincts. Now no amount of planning can make you finish this game because there is an uncertainty factor involved. However times like these experience and instinct kick in. Follow your instinct, follow your heart, take a breath and just let go. 

9. You do need people in your life. In this game you eventually have to rely on people to hand out lives to help you through the game. One can of course try to do everything alone but the effort required only gets worse. Learn to trust and trust good. There are others with you in the same race. Lend a hand. 

10. It’s just a game. Much like life. Being too serious and too cautious can suck the fun out of everything. Have fun, make mistakes, do what makes you happy and live. Just live.


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