Texting is an art?!?

I came across this video on YouTube by this guy who seemed to have life all figured out. the title interested me so i kept listening right till the end of his 10 minute video where he demonstrates how one should go about texting other people, especially women. Brought up points like – say things that’ll make her laugh, be specific, be flirtatious, be charming etc etc. I mean the man packed up enough pointers in there to make it a proper university course. i even had a vision of a guy displaying his PhD in Texting and there were texting classes going on in the back.

All of this brought me to the conclusion that we have steered our lives into the waters of bullshit. Texting is an art?!? Im sure Michelangelo just died a little more. Since when did talking to people become so tricky that you had to watch and measure every word? And how is everyone ok with that? How does one talk keeping in mind that he has to be charming, flirtatious, specific and have swagger? how do you honestly converse with another person with this in the back of your mind?

But you know the sad part is that is how it is. If you’re not these things, then good luck getting a reply back from people. i dont get it. people have their phones shoved into their faces all the time but one has “no time” to reply apparently. if you reply too quickly you seem desperate, if your reply isnt witty enough you basically blew it. If you get no reply, then you probably know its over and if you get a one word reply back to back, that means its pretty much over and you should just give up trying. Who made these rules?!? and why do these rules exist? and AGAIN, why are we all OK with this?

Why cant people just talk to each other? what is the need for all this added drama when life has enough drama as it is? why is there an embargo on communication? Why is it that people want to talk only through forwards and funny images and use no words of their own? It’s a sad sad state and it’s only gonna get worse. get ready to converse only with emoticons in the future.


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