The thing about air travel

I’ve always hated air travel. But my line of work involves a lot of it and it has driven me to a point where ive started to detest it. i mean i was on my way to Rio and i still couldnt take the 10 hour flight from Frankfurt. i dont know what it is though. i mean air travel was fun when we were kids. i would stare endlessly at the sea of clouds underneath, watch the sun go down, play with the buttons and bug the poor air hostess but it seems different now. Air travel has become less and less about fun and leisure and more about work. i tend to overthink things and it has been pointed out to me vehemently recently. But what can i say? i think and lot i guess and it affects me. and being on a plane alone with strangers with nothing to look at except the head rest of the passenger in front makes your mind drift. and drift to unnecessary issues. issues which arent really issues but become issues. its either that or the loneliness that creeps in mid way when you’ve had your post take off nap, you’ve had your cold lunch and now you find yourself asking-now what? i’ve always missed having company on these things. Travelling alone is no fun at all but i guess that’s how it’s meant to be.

im off to bombay tomorrow. and i’m dreading the flight already.


2 thoughts on “The thing about air travel

  1. Its those sea legs of yours Arjun, not wanting to take off haha…. I hope you have a safe trip, and apologies of my absence, I’ve not been on WP as much… take care in Bombay 🙂
    Regards Sue

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