The Eyes 

It’s amazing how my two favourite movies have Zooey Deschanel in them. The same eyes as hers. Oh the eyes. Ones which leave me gasping for breath drowning me in their infinite depths while slowly consuming me with their lust and I let them. I welcome it. I embrace the pain. I endure it while your gaze cuts through everything and sees me bare and blank like a clean slate. Nothing works. Those eyes can cut through anything. I feel their presence around me. I see them in the water staring back at me just like they used to back then. I fear the sight. It takes my breath away and it scares me. But what I fear the most is that I may not get to see them again. What I want most is the chance to drown in those waters again and plummet to the depths as far my breath would allow me. For I want to reach the shadows, the secrets behind them. I want to know it all. I want to know your soul. And not just the front you put up.   


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