Fish Bowl 

Life could’ve gone in any direction in any respect. More than a million different permutations and combinations exist and each second leads its own course to a different reality. A different outcome each time. Think of them like distributaries to a river. Or like a web shooting out in different directions or like branches to a tree. Sprouting out whichever way possible yet still connected to the roots and stem of one’s existence. 
There must be a thing called fate. Because inadvertently we take one course of action unknowingly. However if I knew what action leads me where things would be different. Like a foresight. Certain things are obvious though. Drive rash, you could end up dead. Don’t study and chances are you will fail miserably. But what about right now? Where would my life lead of I stop writing this and do something completely different? Something completely radical? But wouldn’t that be written too? Wouldn’t that also eventually become a path I took to get to my present? 

Time and existence exist in a straight line. There’s no provision to turn back time or existence. However while time once lost can’t be gathered; existence can often be infinite. Like great works of art or literature or great men who’ve left their mark on history. The chosen few. 

Question now is what must I do to get there where I want to be. The even bigger question however is, where the hell am I? What am I doing and where am I going? Which road must I take, what must I start or stop doing? 

I have the understanding that we come fairly ill equipped to tackle the world. A mind with a thirst for knowledge, while simultaneously trying to seek happiness and joy in the little things in life. It’s a jumbled up mess if you look at it and we aren’t nearly as advanced to be on top of everything all the time. Times and situations will get the better of us. People will hurt us and failure is inevitable. But is that a part of the road too? Where does all that feature in the grand scheme of things? Or is there even a grand scheme or are we too narcissistic to accept that maybe we are just lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year? 


2 thoughts on “Fish Bowl 

  1. Sometimes the fish bowl is the only life we see, Yet beyond the fish bowl there is a world with so many more similar fish bowls with many more fish swimming within the ocean of life, or bowl full.. 😉
    Sometimes we just have to trust that the decisions we have made lead us to leap up once and a while to gulp the air and see the rim of what possibilities lay ahead .

    It can be hard to trust and surrender to what the universe has within its plan… when we ourselves at times seem so clueless to what that is within ourselves.

    Yet I have found when we surrender to the flow and stop our resisting and saying what we DON’T want.. we then allow what we really want into our lives.. What our intent is focused upon even subconsciously is what we get.. So when wanting, we are kept wanting, for the Universe is delivering exactly that which we focus upon..

    The trick is in thinking we already HAVE what we desired.. And drop the word ‘Want’ from our thinking..

    Love and Light my old friend.. wishing you well in ALL your Desires and Wishes..

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