Back to the start…

Back to the start. 
Darkest hour 

Of the longest night. 

A single thought

Not a soul in sight. 
I think of you 

And where we are. 

I feel so close

Yet so very far. 
Each day goes by

And I cannot change. 

With you I’ve felt

The entire emotional range. 
There are days I hate

Days I miss. 

Words I regret. 

And that final kiss. 
I am here

But soon I’ll be gone. 

But not before I sing

You this final song. 
I wish things were different. 

I wish it didn’t have to end. 

I loved my life of misery,

I loved the lies and pretence. 
I wish that you had picked me

And didn’t hurt me like you did

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough

But I tried to be splendid. 
And now that all is lost

I circle back to the start. 

My arms won’t set you free

And neither will my heart. 


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