Black Sea – 2

Black Sea – 2
Carol sat in bed hitting refresh every 15 seconds but she new it was a long shot. The chances of Mike being on a computer precisely when she sent the email were slim. She reluctantly got out of bed, signs of worry still etched on her face. 

Things were difficult, particularly when Mike was away for 5 months at a time. She felt different when he was around and a different version of her took over when Mike left each time. She understood that he had a job which took him away and he loved being at sea. Secretly she wishes Mike was around more often. Staring at the pages of the calendar was barely a way to live. The childlike innocence would resurface when it was time for Mike to return each time and just like that it would fade away after that final hug at the airport. 

Her friends had often suggested her to move on and look elsewhere because she had turned into a shadow of her own self. Silent and morose. They had a point. Everybody liked Carol a lot and they wanted her to be happy. But she knew Mike for 13 years. And there was no way she would abandon him. 

She remembered the time Mike tried to explain to her what he actually does on a ship. Not a lot made sense but one thing was clear, that Mike was not on a cruise sipping martinis on lounge chairs on an open deck while women in bikinis danced around. Far from it. 

She reached work and the look on her face was read by everyone around. It was the same “no word from Mike” look. She knew he could take care of himself but she missed him terribly. However no one dared to come talk to her because of her fiery temper. They just shot a sympathetic look towards her and turned their attentions back to the screens. 

Things were difficult no doubt. And it got harder and harder with every passing second. Mike was still months away from returning. She didn’t know how long she could carry on like this. Silently she pulled out her handkerchief from her purse and wiped a tear, hoping no one saw her.  


2 thoughts on “Black Sea – 2

  1. Hi Arjun,
    I love your blog. I think I have probably commented before, but your posts always hit close to home. Thank you for writing this one, because things are indeed very hard for me at the moment.

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