Black Sea – 3

The nightmare never ceased to end for Mike. The ship was trouble right from the get go. He had a bad feeling about this one but trusted not to follow his instincts. He sat there in the darkness waiting for the backup generator to kick in. And even through the darkness he could feel everyone’s eyes on him. That’s the thing about being at sea. Everyone is your friend till things go wrong. That’s when the fingers start pointing and it’s every man for himself. Mike knew that and he took it with a brave face. It wasn’t his fault he knew, it was the suicidal generator. 

The emergency generator kicked up and restored power to emergency equipments. But they were still dead in the water. Completely on nature’s mercy. And Mother Nature was pissed. 

It’s hard to imagine that a seventy thousand ton ship getting flipped like a pancake in ocean waters. Makes you wonder if man will ever be stronger than nature. Even the biggest Giants fall prey to nature’s will. It could all end in a second and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Wave after wave sent shudder down the hull and a chill down everyone spine. Mike was on point. The phones rang off the hook. Panic set in as expected and Mike sat still observing in sheet silence and shock. Things were bad and he knew he had to do something but his legs refused to move. He hung on to the coffee table as the ship swayed dangerously from one side to the other. 

“Mike!!”, someone yelled. “Get off your ass and do something goddamit!”  

That was the second. Everyday he sat with him for coffee and laughed at his jokes, heard his stories and became a friend over time. Now he was someone else entirely. Desperate times show a person’s true identity. He could barely recognise him in this state. His cigarette hung unlit from his lips, he kept pulling his hair out of his eyes and every now and then kept shooting glances and curses towards Mike. 

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Mike stood up. His arms and legs were back under his command and thoughts started surfacing again. 

“What happened?” Asked Mike in all seriousness. He was back. But maybe a little too late. 


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