Being 26 

I had a lot of things in mind. An image of sorts, a visualisation of what being 26 years old would be like. Over the years I’ve seen many many 26 year olds and their swagger was unparalleled. So naturally it would be safe to assume that my life would be no different. Except that it is. In every single way. 

I find myself still studying, taking exams that give you arthritis and vivas that cause a nervous breakdown every single time. Coming face to face with an evil eyed stranger who makes it his life’s purpose to single handedly ruin your happiness and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it except smile and nod while he slowly shreds your self confidence bit by bit. 

At a time where almost all my friends are out experiencing the path of life, I’m experiencing the path that will eventually explode my head with frustration. And while I everyone else is out taking trips, getting drunk in bars, going scuba diving and getting married, I find myself face to face with my nemesis over and over. And each time I’m swatted away like a grizzly bear lazily swatting away a fly in some far off forest where no one gives a crap. 

And while everyone posts tons and tons of pictures in Facebook, I look around and struggle to find something remotely funny/interesting. Let me see now, books, phone, blanket, table lamp, chair; nope. Nothing to see here. 

Ironically I gave up the idea of being a doctor because I was told that doctors have to study all their life. And even though I was always good at studies, I didn’t like the idea of staying stuck all your life with your books, phone, blanket, table lamp and chair for company. Oh well, that turned out great. 

And it’s not all over yet. It only gets worse. Soon I’ll have to summon the strength to take up my chief’s exams. Probably after a few years when I’ve had enough booze to make me forget that this ever happened and maybe when I’ve cried enough times in my sleep. Only then will I be ready to climb mount torture one more time and hope it doesn’t claim yet another victim in this senseless pointless useless system.


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