The power of love. 

Being an outsider gives you a better perspective of things. You tend to see things that others move past without a second glance. You see things and you gain an understanding of a situation or an act better than those involved. And if you pay close attention you can see the entire picture of you just connect the dots. I’ve been doing that for a while now since I got back and it is upsetting to see what has been going on. You wonder how people are okay with the choices they make, without considering what it might do to someone else. How an action or even just words would impact someone else’s life. You see how self absorbed everyone is and no one gives a sliver of a fuck about someone else. Everyone’s on edge and just waiting to find an excuse to permanently terminate someone from their lives. Just waiting for it, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. 

I think human beings are capable of only one great love. Others will only be a fraction of it. Some, not even close. Everyone else is settled for. You settle with someone else if you can’t get the one you want in the first place. And you don’t mind hurting that person even if you are that person’s great love. Because in their heart you’ll never ever be close to the real deal. You’ll always be second best. You will always lose. 

Love can make you or break you. Personally I think the destructive power of love is far superior. For it turns you into a shrivelled corpse in adversity and leaves you crippled for life. You’ll never love anyone else the same way. You’ll never get over it. The scars will never heal and you will perpetually ask yourself “where did I go wrong?”


One thought on “The power of love. 

  1. Scars may remain but one need not allow oneself to be permanently crippled. Having been cruelly treated by another, especially someone you trust as a close friend or lover actually has the great benefit of teaching you to vow that you will never do the same to anyone. That is how we move from self-centred love to a more purer kind where we are less self-involved. I am not preaching here, just sharing some of my own experience.

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