A night of pretentious art and music 

I have probably never been to a place like this before and maybe I never will after yesterday. “A night of pretentious art and music”, as it shall henceforth me remembered. Or forgotten. It’s strange to see what passes off as art these days. In times where everyone is a photographer and create a masterpiece using standard Instagram filters, I feel we have lost sight of the subject of the matter. We clearly have technology that is readily accessible to anyone and everyone, it’s the foresight and the eye that is missing. 

Photographs these days are more about showcasing what people are doing, what they saw and sometimes even what they ate. And pictures of pasta and wine aren’t art in my world. 

Artists are not common people. They create something out of the ordinary that isn’t within the skill set of the average human being. A picture worth a thousand words, a portrait that takes people by surprise and baffles them for centuries, an artistic word play; things that will sweep me off my feet and take me away from the confines of the art gallery into the world of the artist. Sadly none of the artwork did that. 

Pretentious upper class, stiff lipped, fancy dressed, wine sipping, chauffeur driven, heavily accented people however left no stone unturned to showcase their pretentious appreciation for some pretty useless photographs. You should’ve heard them rave on and on about the photographs, and themselves and each other. I feel they are all missing a point but to each his own. 

That brings me to the music section. A band called still dirty and very aptly named in my opinion. The thing about Indian bands that I’ve noticed is that they emphasise on being loud. Needless drum and guitar solos that don’t fit in with the rest of the song just to get the crowd going. A point which was clearly highlighted when the lead singer introduced the band, and the lead guitarist and the drummer for the loudest cheers. The bass guitarist who was always on point and the guy on the keyboard who did some pretty serious sound effects were pretty much overlooked. And apparently the lead singer is some famous writer, publicist and some award winning journalist I’m told but the lyrics were just atrocious. “Enter deep into the waters and swim with my friend while crabs come out of his eyes”, something like that, I’m not sure that’s entirely right but I know he said that part about crabs coming out of his friend’s eyes. Really now? Am I supposed to be impressed with this? Who came up with that? At one point he picked up a notebook and rambled on and on about something that he felt was intense and the rest of the pretentious crowd joined in with appreciative nods but there was no way of knowing what he was saying because the acoustics were way off. 

On the plus side at least there was beer which made it a little easier to endure. Interesting night though. I like to witness people in their element and notice what makes people do what they do. What makes them say what they say, what makes them act the way they do. I find that artistic. Certainly more artistic than what was showcased on the walls. 


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