Movie review – Burnt

Starring – Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller. 

This movie offers a sneak peak into the life of star chef Adam Jones played by Bradley Cooper, who happens to be running from something or the other. Whether it’s his own demons questioning his competence or the mafia who show up to beat him up regularly for the drug money he owes. 

There isn’t much to say about the plot. Just a story about a troubled chef who starts up his own restaurant after assembling his dream team. Searching desperately for the coveted third star from the Michellin city guide, Bradley travels through a whirlwind of emotions, often losing it at times especially after the disaster on the opening night where nothing goes according to plan. 

The movie is listen under the comedy genre although I couldn’t find any. But that’s probably a mistake I suppose. 

Burnt is a comfortable watch, it allows you to switch off your mind and quietly witness how Bradley climbs up the ladder and finally gets that star. 

The movie asks at one point, what happens when you finally get what you’ve always wanted? What happens then? To that Bradley replies- celebration, joy, happiness. In my opinion, the party always comes to an end and people always go home. So what then? Find another chase? Is that what we are? Creatures running after one thing or the other finding satisfaction any which way? Really makes you wonder. The movie asks the question but does not provide an answer. And I don’t think anyone knows. 


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