Podcast watch : Serial

I’ve spent the last 24 hours of my life listening to this podcast by Sarah Koenig and I cannot believe what a ride its been. Sarah covers an old case about the murder of a young high school girl back in January 1999. It happens in the most bizarre circumstances and you cannot fathom the level of frustration and anger I feel right now.
Adnan Syed is convicted for her murder but on evidence that lacks any clarity. Bits and pieces of the story check out but huge questions remain unanswered. And at times when you think you have an idea of what might have happened, new evidence is uncovered and that completely changes the perspective. At one point you can be absolutely sure that Adnan could not have murdered his ex girlfriend but then again the evidence is there. There is no evidence that supports his story. Even the story that is eventually used to convict him of first degree murder doesn’t completely check out.
Mysterious details unearth at various points including some sketchy characters. Like the lawyer who represented Adnan and the man who discovered the body in the first place.
The narrative is strong and well planned and details are introduced to the podcast at strategic points to keep you hooked right till the end.
I would strongly advise you to listen to this podcast that is also available on YouTube. Just Google “serial chapters”. Take this journey of 12 episodes and you will see the world differently. I guarantee it.

Watch this space for more information on new podcasts or podcasts to look out for.


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