Let it go

What is the point again?
Of giving life and inducing pain
Forcing beliefs and striking fear
Blasphemy when away but fine when near
Cut my wings as you like
And set me on fire on a burning pike
For defying you and following my heart
For not doing what you told me from the start.
Doing what I felt is right
And not worrying about anyone’s insight.
For I have loved, I have not sinned.
You will lose and I will win.
For you will lose your humanity
For succumbing to insanity
And I’ll have won the love I always wanted
Even if my conscience will always be haunted
By your disapproval and distain
But I will always live and sustain
The love you never understood
that drove me out of your hearts for good
The kind that showed me the real deal
But you never cared about how I feel.
Caught up in traditions and ideas of old
Convinced that they are laced in gold
Listening to relatives who know no better
That’s why I’m here writing this letter.
You gave me life for which I’m in your debt
But I never thought I would see this day, I’d bet.
The day when your daughter became evil in your eyes
And her love felt like hate deceit and lies.
Only because of who I decided to be with
It is indeed love, not a myth
But I have broken your rules now, who gives a damn
These rules were anyway pointless, a total scam.
I am happy now, as much as I can possibly be
Forget everything and that’s all you will see.
Me smiling like I have never before, it will show.
Can’t you for my sake, just let it go?
Dad, mum, please let it go?


5 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. I feel for you Arjun and your sister .. I really do…. How do you change a generation of cultured beliefs? So many conflicting views of rights and wrongs in this world, and yet what many of them forget is at the core of their beliefs is supposed to be LOVE..
    And yet when one is not allowed to choose whom to LOVE, it becomes a sin.. and is outcast from the family..
    How does that ever work in the name of anything?

    If I had my way my dear friend.. I would ban ALL of Religion and in its place put one religion . One that’s core was only LOVE and Care and Kindness, to treat each and everyone as we ourselves would wish to be treated… No rules, no books, Just Pure Love of All..

    I was pleased I caught this post in my email Arjun, and you may wish to upgrade your Avatar settings.. on Gravitar.. as when I pressed it from my communications it led me to say your site is no longer in existence..


    So the last time you visited and Liked.. I was unable to visit you as it led me to that message..

    Sending you love and Light my friend, and I hope your parents see sense.. and learn to live from their hearts and not what was laid down by others to follow..

    Love and Hugs .. Sue

    1. Haha Sue thanks for the message but I don’t have a sister. I wrote this on behalf of someone I know who is in this situation. It angered me to a great extent and I wrote this being in her frame of mind.
      Thanks for letting me know my link is broken. I’ll fix it.

  2. Sadly , this kind of situation of far from unique. Parents believe they *own* their children, and it is often much worse for daughters that sons. Although I have also known sons whose choices were rejected by their parents leading to a complete breakdown of communication and relations within the family.

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