It’s a difficult thing to uproot your existence on a regular basis. Maybe it comes easily to some people and after a point even I adjust to the new environment and get right to it. It’s the transition from vacation mode that is always the hardest. Especially the long arduous flights where all you think about is the life you left behind and the life you are heading towards. You remember the good times and it hits you almost immediately that the life you’ve had is suddenly and abruptly over. Personally I find this transition very difficult to deal with. I’m fine when I reach the ship and “work Arjun” takes over from “vacation Arjun”. Those two are completely different. I was just told that they even sound different over the phone.
A million different thoughts bombard your mind. You wonder that the life you left would still be the same when you get back. Things are almost always different when I return each time. People change a bit, new roads, new rules, things do change. But you return as the same person you were when you left. You also wonder what lies ahead. Life at sea more or less settles down after a while but the first few days are always challenging. You aren’t used to an environment that moves, vibrates and keeps you on your toes. The lack of phone connectivity and poor WiFi make it even harder than it has to be. I’m sure the technology exists but no one wants to spend that much on it.
You wake up in strange lands among unknown faces while your mind is in a super overdrive mode. You don’t recognise the food, you can’t understand the language and no one understands what you say. This becomes a part of life after being at home among friends and family for months. I know what I signed up for. And this isn’t me complaining. It’s me trying to provide a better understanding of the life I have. In a few days I’ll read this and completely disagree with everything I’ve written down. That’s why I figured I’ll pen down whatever I currently feel while I wait for my busan flight to start boarding.
I’ll miss being at home no doubt. Nothing in particular, just doing the things that became a daily routine. Everything is about to change. It’s my turn to be the rock. I’m ready for it.


3 thoughts on “Ready.

  1. Acknowledgement is step one.

    Adjustment is step two.

    Acceptance is step three.

    ” In a few days I’ll read this and completely disagree with everything I’ve written down.” This made me smile. A moment of recognition. A moment of recall. A moment of kinship.

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