Guest post by Naveed Iqbal.

I’ve known Naveed for a long time; 13 years and counting. And somehow she still manages to amaze me. Her strength and character are something that inspire me on a daily basis. It was the depth in her writing and her attention to detail that compelled me to ask her to write a guest post for my blog. And she obliged, taking time out of her busy schedule. This is her post:

There was a single room. Of no particular shape. Trying hard to be a rectangle yet failing. There were two windows and a door. In the windows, when it got down and dark, they forced another opening through the walls. they didn´t want to bother with painting it so they left the cement patch around the opening just like that. The room was already so ugly, another patch didn´t make a difference.

Because of the crooked geometry of the room, the door was always at an awkward angle to the floor and the roof. It swung awkwardly too, like a patient suffering from vertigo. They put pieces of cardboard between the door and its frame to keep it ajar. The door led to another, which led to another door. They opened the first very carefully if someone knocked, trying to conceal the ugliness of the room. Mostly, they didn´t open it.

They lived here, for seventeen years.


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