Flying fish

They put on a good show. I would have to assume it was all for me. It’s just like one of those tree falling in the forest type situations. Who is to say one thing didn’t happen a certain way if there were no witnesses? So in this case since I was the only witness I am going to say that it was all for me. There isn’t anything anyone can say to contest that.
In large sums they took off and flapped their wings just above the surface of the blue Atlantic ocean waters. Typical south Atlantic summer weather too. Not a cloud in the sky and the sun beaming down in all its glory. The winds had picked up and being slightly crisp, they would cancel the effect of the sun.
They brightened an otherwise gloomy day, certainly one to forget. As I sat at the shipside with my legs dangling from the bulwarks, contemplating the reason for existence, I was silenced by them. In their own way they asked me to shut up and watch. They flapped their wings and skidded over the surface in large numbers. As many as 15 at a time. Yes, I counted. They stayed airborne long enough for me to count.
I remember feeling better instantly. I just sat there and watched. They kept coming out of the water and after a short flight they would again swim away from the ship’s hull. Sure science must have coughed up a reason to explain why they do that. I couldn’t help but wonder if this show was all for me. And after a while I accepted that it was in fact for me.
Who knows the purpose of life? Each fish for instance could’ve been involved in something completely natural. But in doing so they turned my day around. Maybe we do that too. Maybe inadvertently we make someone else’s day better by just being ourselves. Could be anything really. Words, a hug, a dress, a wink even. People need very little to be happy. And if I flying fish can make a guy like me smile and forget all my problems then I am certain that we require very little to be happy.
I would like to be someone’s flying fish. Just need to decide where I should flap my wings and spark a smile.


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