Engineering religion

Consider for a second that religion is equivalent to a car. Just hear me out.

Several thousand years ago, a few people decided to build a car. The basic concept was the same but their outlook varied. Not vast differences either, just a different set of rules and principles derived out of the same basic ideology. Each person wanted to have a different design and they got to work. While some insisted on defining every single detail, others relied on simplicity of existence. That a car should just get you from one place to another. Others decided that it should have a turbocharged engine and high speed. Some others wanted fuel efficiency and some wanted luxury. In the end they all finished their products and were pretty happy and content with the outcome. They wrote detailed instruction manuals which were passed on from generation to generation.
Earlier times, these designers would meet and discuss their opinions and debate on features they found questionable. But it was all very civilised. They were of course designing something that would be used by billions of people over the years to come. They understood their responsibilities and made sure they didn’t offend anyone else in the process. The cars worked perfectly. All of them. They all had their pros and cons and people were free to choose whichever car suited them.
Fast forward to today. You are born into a brand of car. You are taught that your car is the best and your design and performance is best suited. You are taught that you belong to this car and you’re branded for life. Switching brands now would require a great deal of paperwork and it would upset everyone in your family. They don’t want you to do it and they don’t understand your reasons. You are taught that the other car brands are radical, that their sole purpose is to ruin your own existence and your car’s existence. Which isn’t the case really. People just want a medium to transit life on earth and this provides a sort of comfort that a cycle or walking won’t provide. Not that there’s anything wrong with using a cycle or walking all the time either. One doesn’t have to get a car.
Times are such where one brand attacks the other and claims that the instruction manual directs him to do so. Which it clearly doesn’t. The manual has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. They have attacked each other and killed in the name of their own brand and have called upon the name of their car makers. This has caused such a great divide that no one could’ve foreseen all those years ago. It has developed a suspicion, a hatred, an anger, a discontentment. And all for what? For something man made?
This is something we all probably forgot over the years. Cars are man made. And so is religion. Imagine now killing or hating someone who drives a Honda instead of a Hyundai. It is that stupid. Yes it is that stupid. No one has any concrete evidence of an existence of God. But fine, for the sake of understanding and simplifying our existence we created religion. And it worked great. It gave everyone a sense of purpose. Yes people of different religions are different. They have different faiths, different customs, different outlooks but in the end we are all human beings existing in this limited space provided to us on the third rock from the sun. We cannot live like this. We cannot live in prejudice. We cannot live with hate. Especially over something so trivial.
Simplify religion and see it as something tangible like a car. Now picture yourself spewing hate because someone owns a Fiat. Picture yourself saying Fiat owners want to take over the world. They want to kill us and they are anti-national and only we are nationalists because we drive a Hyundai. Picture yourself saying that and see how stupid you sound. And that’s exactly how stupid you do sound right now too.
Your car is your car. Your religion is your religion. You have decided to embrace it and rightly so. Someone else has adopted a different set of rules and that’s okay too. Grow up. It’s just a car. It is man made. Your car makers would be turning in their graves and kicking themselves over what they have done. This was so not the idea when they decided to make a car. This isn’t what they wanted. No one wants this.
Religion is man made. Don’t lose your humanity over a car. It’s just a fucking car.


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