The Almighty.

I met my maker. Lord Almighty, as they call him. I had a lot of questions and complaints and some tweaks that I wanted to introduce into the human anatomy. He and I sat across each other and discussed at great lengths. I’m normally good at reading people but with him I got nothing. He wasn’t arrogant but he stood for what he had created. He didn’t get irritated at my incessant questioning. And he didn’t belittle me because I am just a human.
The questions mostly started with “why” and were followed up with a series of “why not’s”. It went on for days. None of us paused or took a break. I didn’t know how much time i had. Took me a lifetime to get an appointment with God. So I kept on going. Mostly I was angry. He had created us and then abandoned us. Mankind walked around with their misguided beliefs and turn against each other. Divided by lines and segments and sectors of land and didn’t even leave the skies and  waters. And he didn’t do anything. He stood by and watched. All that was needed was one appearance. A gesture of some kind to indicate his presence. That we weren’t all in fact orphans in the universe. It got to a point where I found myself shouting at him, demanding answers. He had none. He couldn’t look me in the eye. He simply asked me what I wanted.
My request was simple. I wanted to have all the knowledge that the universe had gathered. Knowledge of the past, future and everything in between. I told him if he wasn’t willing to show up I would take up the job. I wouldn’t have any super powers or anything. It’ll just be the knowledge of what is going to happen and how I could prevent it. So as to nudge mankind in the right direction. If someone had to be stopped, I would. If someone had to be inspired to make the next big discovery I would plant the idea in his head and disappear. If someone had to be killed, I would do that too.
He agreed. And I was sent back to earth. My head was now buzzing with information and I didn’t know where to start. Experience had taught me to first get a situation report and then proceed towards areas that needed attention. And I began my quest. I enlisted all the problems in the current world. Understood what caused them and how it all came to this day. Knowledge is a dangerous thing too. You cannot unlearn what you have learnt. You cannot un-see what you have seen. You cannot unhear everything you hear. It sticks, it stays with you forever.
One after the other I learnt of all the lies and deception that were told throughout the course of human history. I learnt about every despicable act carried out. I learnt how selfish and dangerous man can be if he finds the will to carry out his intentions. It was heartbreaking. I now saw people in a new light. They all seemed different. I knew everything about everyone. Every dirty little secret they had. I knew what they were thinking and I knew what they had done. I knew what they would do in the future. I knew everything.
Mankind was suffering. Everyone walked wounded in some way or another. And they only had themselves to blame. They got what they deserved. They had it coming. And suddenly I understood why God never bothered to show up to correct his failed experiment. It was all clear to me. At least now I had my answers. Caring about something eventually leads to heartbreak and suffering. They are two sides of the same coin. I cared and that’s why I suffered.
I did not want to wait another lifetime to have an appointment with God and I couldn’t bear to withstand all this knowledge. All I could see around me now was the ugliness of man. I hated it. I loathed all of them. I wished they would all die painful deaths. Of course I had the knowledge to carry out a mass extinction but that wasn’t part of our agreement.
So I grew out my fingernails one night and clawed out my heart. I watched it beat in my hand and the lights faded away slowly. I knew I had done the right thing by leaving mankind in a speeding train heading for derailment. It was what they all deserved. And I wanted no part to play in it.


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