What is it about you?
What is this life?
Futile attempts
To escape your pull.
Like gravity
Holding me captive.
Year after year
Time after time.
No escape
Why do we always
Find each other
After a full circle
Only to be torn apart
Why must this happen?
Why must I suffer?
Why must I endure?
This separation
from you
And again.
And again.


9 thoughts on “Again

  1. M was 24 when we first met. This year she is 70 and we recently had a wonderful day together. In between we have had our times of closeness and also years of no contact at all. We have married – but not to one another. We re still best friends and can be open with one another in a very special way, but it would never work; we are too different. She knew that years ago but I am only now realising it. As she once said, “Next lifetime.”

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