“Why not? Just do it. Do it and be done with it for good.”
“I don’t know,” I replied. “It’ll be a terrible inconvenience for everyone. ”
“Why do you care?” She said. “You’ll be dead. So why worry about that?”
“Yeah but still. I mean I wouldn’t want this burden on me. Why do it to someone else?”
“So what’s the plan then? Carry on like this?”
“I don’t see any other way. Plus a lot of people will be hurt in the process. ”
She raised an eyebrow.
“Okay maybe not a lot of people. A few. ” I said.
“You know they should use people like you for expeditions into the unknown universe. People who have given up and have nothing to lose. Plus they’re too damn sweet to die and become an inconvenience for others.”
I nodded. “That I would do gladly. And when I die there they can just eject me into open space. I don’t think that would be a really big inconvenience.”
“No I suppose not. I think that’s how they dispose garbage in space. In the end it all collects on Mars. Mars now has the second largest garbage dump in the world.”
I laughed. “You say the weirdest things.”
“You started it,” she smiled.


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