The modern seafarer : A perfect companion.

The modern seafarer is a complex man. The environments he deals with constantly vary and that make him  adaptable. Included here are some of the reasons that make him a perfect companion.

1. Patient.

Late for a movie? Expecting that your companion will get super pissed? Not to worry!! The modern seafarer deals with port delays that go on for hours. No news, no phones, no emails but he still waits for hours without complaining. So you think you have a problem with punctuality? Try visiting the port of Tanjung Pelepas.

2. Understanding.

The modern seafarer deals with complex machinery and cutting edge technology. However things don’t always work as they are supposed to. If you think you’re moody, try starting a fresh water generator. On a good day it will start in a matter of minutes. However on special occasions it can take hours. The modern seafarer is well versed in dealing with difficult machinery. Moody ones take a delicate touch and it’ll be days before he gets upset and starts yelling curses.

3. Attention to detail.

The modern seafarer has developed a keen eye for details. A small error or a wrong reading or perhaps a harmless little leak somewhere can quickly become catastrophic. So you think your companion didn’t notice your new haircut? Or a new shade of lip gloss? Of course he has. The modern seafarer deals with adjustments in  millimetres. He sees everything.

4. Quick learner.

As in all branches of education, sadly the quality of training of seafarers is crap, for the want of a better word. But that’s okay. When thrown into an atmosphere where machines are out to kill you and bite off chunks of your flesh, the seafarer quickly adapt and learns the ways around a machine. Simple do and do not’s. So you think he will have trouble adjusting to your friend circle? No ma’am. He has already trained himself in that department.

5. Adaptable.

The modern seafarer deals with multinational crews. Needless to say they are all different. Very very different. It is at times difficult to adapt to a new nationality or even understand what they are saying most of the times. So you think he won’t be able to understand and adapt to your family? Please. He already has the training. Try understanding a Burmese accent, try working with an Indian chief engineer and try not reacting to British sarcasm and racism.  It’s all there and he has experienced it all.

6. Mr Fix.

Home appliances seem like little toys to the modern seafarer. Usually built for durability and the design is kept rather simple. Tried and tested. Broken refrigerator? No problem. The modern seafarer can whip it back into running in no time.

7. Emergency?!

The modern seafarer is well trained to handle any emergency. Terrorist attack? Flooding? Fire? Fracture? Overdose? Heart attacks? Pirate’s? Armed robbers? Pretty much everything has been covered before a seafarer actually steps onboard a ship. Find yourself in an emergency? No problem. Grab your nearest seafarer and chances are he will save your life.

8. Time.

The modern seafarer values time. He knows he has a limited time at home. More importantly he knows he must finish work before 5 so he can get the hell out. He won’t waste valuable time having pointless arguments. He would much rather take you to a romantic dinner, a late night stroll, a long drive perhaps. Time is of the essence. And no one knows that better than the modern seafarer.

9. Irritation.

The modern seafarer sadly has to go through a lengthy and agonising process to obtain all the documents necessary for sailing. Every single piece of paper with his name on it comes with a huge price and a ton of headache. However the modern seafarer realises that he must do and he must endure all this. There is just no other way around it. He won’t get irritated if you invited your friends over or your mother drops in town for a month. He knows he must endure.

10. Likable.

The modern seafarer is likable to all. Filled with stories and anecdotes about people, places, experiences. He is a good listener. Particularly because its hard to talk in a loud engine room. He cares. Because if he doesn’t then all hell breaks loose. He observes. He adapts. He makes it work. Even if it takes days he makes it work.

The modern seafarer is a complex man. He’s beaten and shaped into a respectable man who is a great addition anywhere. Go visit your nearest seafarer. You’ll see what I mean.


2 thoughts on “The modern seafarer : A perfect companion.

  1. This was an amusing read. A couple of comments.

    ” He sees everything.” I can imagine this not being a “plus” for some folk. But I am sure the modern seafarer knows when to observe something and keep his mouth shut. 🙂

    “not reacting to British sarcasm and racism”

    Can I please apologise on behalf of these loathsome compatriots of mine? Racism is right up there with sexism in my book. Unforgivable!

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