We made it.

I’ve taken many many photographs over the course of my life. Not a big fan of photography myself but somehow I end up in a lot of them. As time passes the relevance of these photos reduces in my life. And I delete them for various reasons. I can divide my life into sections or era’s if I’m being too dramatic. And various era’s have given me a lot of photographs. At one point or another each photo meant a lot to me but as time passed I kept letting them go. There’s no point holding on to something or someone you want to forget. A bad memory or something that you just want to move away from permanently.
One such era of my life were my college years. Or should I say academy years. I have taken and collected hundreds of photos from those days and I have not deleted even a single one. It was a different time. It’s not something I remember fondly though. I mean college was fine, it wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad either. I was hated universally for various reasons. People thought I was a weird loner with an attitude problem. For the first few years I hung around in various groups looking for acceptance and companions. But even though some were nice enough to let me hang around, I didn’t feel welcome. I realised there would be no difference if I wasn’t here. Around the second year I started hanging with these guys from class. It was then that I had I had my own group. We had our own little world and I now have tons of pictures with these guys. I’m in touch with all of them and I would say they know me inside out. And that’s a lot coming from me because I am a very private person.
It was a different time then. We had no money, we had the bare minimum education from college and we still felt like kings. Scrambled for money to pay for meals and to buy phone cards to talk to moody girlfriends. Shore leaves to the city by bus and returning just in time to make the evening head count. The nauseating exam tension and the burden to study yourself and teach your friends too. Pictures of us playing football, entering malls, checking out women, smoking cigarettes, waiting for the bus, sitting in class, watching a movie, chilling in our rooms. It’s all there.
Most of these guys are now married. Some with children. I cannot imagine such lunatics being fathers. It is hilarious to picture them with kids. Some of them have left sailing and have joined other professions. Some have sadly died too. When I look back at these guys and I look at myself from back then, I cannot even begin to describe how difficult it has been for all of us. I’ve been there for most of them and I know about every failure, heartbreak,tragedy that they have endured. I’ve had some of my own as well. But looking back to us, our gang, the 5 of us and a few others; I think I can say – we made it.
It’s not over yet but the worst part is over. They’ve all found love and happiness. They’ve all become a tiny bit fat, including me. The conversations are pretty much the same though. Although every now and then it drifts to something serious. But then we pound some beers and get back to normal. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to help me endure my college years. Everyone hated me, but I belonged to this group. It was my sanctuary. And after all these years it still is.
Even though my college years are some of the worst and some I intend to forget; these times, these people, these friends of mine make it unforgettable.


2 thoughts on “We made it.

  1. So true! As a teenage girl, i first thought I don’t deserve in the college I got admission in. I thought, I am way too superior than these people. However, with time, when they elected me as their class representative and the president of the literary forum, i was glad I made the decision of getting to this college. And moreover, i made a best friend/soul mate in this college and my teachers still love me after 5 years…

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