What am I? 

What am I? 
What am I?

But a collection of thoughts,

A cloud of emotions,

A mere bag of muscles and bones,

Open to interpretation,

Free to be judged,

Or hated or loved. 
What am I?

but an open book,

Unfinished and unsatisfied. 

Turning life’s wheels,

Slowly but surely. 

Filling up pages as I go. 

While ink still runs in my veins. 
What am I?

But a manifestation of my inner self,

Someone else’s creation

Powered by my own conscience. 

A physical representation,

Of multidimensional thoughts

In a three dimensional world. 
What am I?

But a response to the world,

An action to a reaction,

Exposed to stimulus

Some good and some bad,

Not allowed to choose. 

And can’t ask why. 
What am I?

But a product of the system,

A symbol of the civilised world,

A creature among the living,

Bound to live and serve my purpose

And eventually perish and be forgotten. 

Like many before, and many to follow. 
What am I?

But forced existence. 

Burdened with the curse of life,

Watching humanity disappear 

And tolerance dissolve slowly

Into oceans of selfishness,

Filled by the tears of suffering. 
What am I?

Why am I here? 

What must I do?

Where must I go? 

What am I?

But a man with many questions,

With no means to find the answers.  


19 thoughts on “What am I? 

      1. In that case birthday greetings seem in order. I do hope it is/was an enjoyable day. And many more. (Unless they become burdensome and you’d rather decline. Whichever.)

  1. A most enlightening poem dear Arjun.
    ” Powered by my own conscience. – A physical representation,- Of multidimensional thoughts -In a three dimensional world.

    May we all of us keep asking those Questions and seeking the answers within..

    Wishing you a perfect week my friend, and good to reconnect with you too

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