Not Afraid

I’m not afraid of dying. I do not fear death. I would welcome it if it were to show up at my doorstep tomorrow. All I would ask for before going would be a quick flashback of the time I spent on earth. The only regret I will have is that I didn’t get enough time with my loved ones. But I have been the recipient of far more love than most people experience in a lifetime. I don’t feel a dearth of that. However life has nothing else left to offer. I have seen the ways of the world and how people have become. I feel that I have lived. I feel that I have earned the right to die peacefully. 
Given the current state of affairs though, I will not be a victim. I will not be a number flashing on a screen. I will not be among those counted as deceased in a terrorist attack. I will not be a number adding to the death toll. Because I refuse to let go of my life when someone tries to take it from me. Just because their misguided principles tell them to do so. I swear to you, I will breathe as long as I can breathe, I fill fight to stay alive, I will keep the blood in my veins warm and there is no way I will become a statistic. I will never let you increase that number that sparks fear into people. I will never be a success story to your propaganda. I will never let you have the satisfaction of my death. All your suicide attacks and gun shots will be in vain, because I will not let go. Not because you want me to die. My life will end when I decide its my time to go. I will not let a mindless drone with a rifle win. I will not let terrorism become a reality of this planet. 
And there will be thousands of us. Willing to stand against your bullets and bombs to let you know that you may take our lives, but you will never take our spirit. Be warned, I am not afraid of you. 


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