A new religion 

Over time, man has evolved and adapted. Designs changed, the way people dressed changed, choice of words changed, lifestyle changed and pretty much everything changed. If you were to bring in a person who lived in the 1800s he would be shocked at how different things are. However, one thing has remained as it is. This has not evolved with time and everyone’s understanding and interpretation of religion still remains outdated. There has been no new update to any of the religions ever since they spawned. And shouldn’t these change too? I don’t follow any particular religion but I cannot help but get irritated when people commit heinous acts in the name of religion. I don’t believe that was the idea for a second. No religion teaches extremism. But how would anyone know that? One man teaches his interpretation to a few hundred people and creates an army willing to die and take lives in the name of religion. Why has no one updated their religion to say that this isn’t what we were talking about? Why has no one updated religion to say that women can have equal rights? Why has no one updated religion to say that discrimination and intolerance are infact the exact opposite of what a religion intended to do? 

Yeah now people will comment saying one cannot change religion as per ones own will. And I suppose they are right. It is therefore why I have decided to start my own religion. I don’t have a name for it yet but I’m working on it. Here are some of the points my new religion will address. 

1. Humanism over concepts of God 

Even if there was a god, he’s not coming to save us anytime soon. So that leaves us. So why pray and worship something or someone no one has seen and will probably never ever see in their lifetime? Why discriminate based on what version of fiction one believes and doesn’t believe? My new religion focuses on us humans. The welfare of humans. Looking after each other. Because we have no one else around for light years. Literally. 

2. Tolerance. 

My new religion stands on the foundation of tolerance. And I mean in every sense of the word. Tolerance based on race, colour, sexual orientation, views, opinions, ideas whatever. It is impossible for two people to have the same ideas about everything. Sooner of later a difference of opinions will surface and that’s okay. That’s why taking a gun and shooting down people at a gay night club is not okay. It will never be okay. If others adapt to your way, you have to adapt and be tolerant towards others as well. Intolerance only breeds more intolerance. 

3. Worship. 

Worship humanity. And your planet. Not some idols or what some book tells you to do. The closest thing to God is your planet. Earth sustains us. It provides for us and it takes care of us. And we as humans need to return the favour and not behave like parasites feeding off a host. Plant a tree here, take the bus to work for a few days, optimise fuel consumption and power consumption to save natural resources, use your intelligence and innovation to come up with better ideas for alternate power sources rather than planning attacks on foreign soil. Your planet is your God. And she asks for nothing in return. 

4. Coexistence. 

There are no rules and there are no judgements. Everyone is free to do whatever they want as long as they are being tolerant towards others. Anyone can follow any career they like, live with and fall in love with whoever they want, not be burdened with following a legacy and not be forced into something they don’t want to do. 

5. A united world. 

A world without borders. A world where anyone can travel anywhere without the hassle of passports and documentation. A world united by one common goal and interest – humanity. A world where technology and innovations are available to all and not just those who can afford it. A world that works as a whole and not as individual countries and individual interests. A world where the freedom actually means something. 
Just some of the ideas I have so far. With more followers and volunteers I’m sure we can come up with something more to add. As of this moment, I follow my own religion. 


11 thoughts on “A new religion 

      1. Vonnegut is well worth checking out. His “Slaughterhouse 5” is another important book and there’s also a film (although I recommend reading the book first.

        I’d be interested to know your reactions. You know how to find my e-mail. 🙂

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