It was a day well spent. Everyone was present. Friends, family, distant relatives you name it. Everyone asked how she was doing and what her future plans were now that she had reached that age. It seemed like that’s all people asked her these days. Superficial necessities she would call them. Not a minute of anything meaningful but still, a smile had to pasted on for the entire day. Dozens and dozens of pictures were taken. All possible angles with every possible background. 

Back at home however, the fangs came out. She had uploaded every single picture and not one of them had liked or commented on them. She sat in her dark room with her hair a jumbled mess. Every now and then she would tug at them as the hours went by and no one bothered to appreciate her. Her eyes turned red and her nails grew out. Her skin turned pale and she sat in restless anger tapping the refresh button as the clock ticked on. She spent the rest of the night liking all of her pictures one by one. The fangs and the claws retreated slowly with every click. Her hair smoothed down again. And slowly she shut her eyes and fell asleep. Her finger still coiled on hitting refresh. 


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