Plugged in. 

Plugged in. 
Always plugged in, 

And keeps me near. 

Can’t leave it alone,

Out of fear. 

Someone might steal,

It’s expensive as hell. 

So I sit around next to it,

While it refuels its cell. 

And when it’s finally done,

I rejoice and cheer. 

But before I know it, 

It’s end is near. 

So I sit back down

With the power cord,

Acting as my leash

Or as my landlord. 

What is the point,

Calling it a “mobile” phone,

Always plugged in,

And making me groan. 

So I’m sitting on the floor,

While everyone else is on cloud nine,

Goddamn this cellphone,

It’s more like a freaking landline. 


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