This post makes no difference.

It is often a heinous incident that wakes people up from their ignorance about the realities of life. Sadly, such an incident happened again yesterday. There isn’t much one can do about these things sitting behind a laptop. Enough can be said and there can be social media outcry about it but like everything else, it will eventually fade away in darkness and be forgotten. It will just end up being another statistic and another number added to an already alarming total.

I know whatever i write here about this matter will make little or no difference at all but i cannot sit back and stay quiet. These incidents are a direct cause of my unwillingness to bring life into this world because the world is fucked up. I wish there was a better expression but sadly the words “fucked up” define to perfectly.

It was late at night where a family of four were heading back from a funeral. A dozen thugs hid in the bushes and threw a metal rod at the car. Concerned, the driver stopped the car and got down to check what had happened. Thats when these thugs jumped and took over the situation. For the next three hours these men raped the 34 year old mother and their teenage daughter in a field nearby. Read again – 3 hours. Yes, let that sink it for a while.

Crime cannot be stopped completely. It is impossible for law enforcement to be present everywhere. Which is understandable, because basic physics apply. A person cannot be at two places at once and there are only so many people employed by law enforcement agencies and the number of people in this country are in a much higher ratio. But the problem here isn’t about surveillance or keeping a good look out. The problem here is the lack of fear when it comes to dealing with law enforcement. No one fears the cops. They know they can be bought or talked out or with adequate political backing, made to bend to their own will. It is this fearlessness that breeds the most heinous criminals because they believe they can get away with anything. They believe that they are above the law and no consequence will befall them.

Add ridiculous comments by senior political figures and this whole system becomes a joke. Comments like “these things happen”, “What was she doing there at that hour outside her house?”, “Why was she wearing those clothes?” and “women tend to invite rape by dressing up a certain way”. These are actual comments made by senior political figures and judges in India when asked to comment on a rape incident. It is appalling to say the least. We live in a “blind” world where we assume that nothing will happen to us. And all these incidents happen to “some poor girl” in some “far away city” which has nothing to do with us. I would like to ask these political figures and law enforcement heads if they would make the same comments if it was their daughter or their wife being assaulted. I wonder if they would intact scold their daughter for being out late or wearing certain clothes.

It makes India’s cavalier stand on rape abundantly clear. As long as it isn’t a minister’s daughter or a judge’s wife, its all good. But it isnt. A woman is still a woman, no matter whose house she’s born in. She has the same rights as anyone else. And that should not be surprising. Coming back to my earlier point, it is a combination of things. It is the unwillingness of the authorities to do something about this menace, it is the casual attitude that people have towards rape, it is the impotence of law enforcement to crack down, it is the impotence of the judiciary to provide harsher sentences for those convicted of rape and it is in the male mindset that they have the right to do do whatever they can and a woman must obey. As you can see it isn’t one problem, it is a collective problem. Much like all problems that run deep in India, this one is no exception. Sure the cops have now raised FIR’s and are now questioning witnesses and have created squads to catch this bastards but slowly all of this will fade away as the media attention shifts. And surely it will, as soon as the next scoop or scandal becomes available.

In the midst of all this, there are two rape victims who have been scared for life, defeated by the justice system and paralysed by the inhumanity subjected to them. The indian judicial system had a landmark opportunity when another gruesome rape happened in the capital a few years ago. A harsh punishment would have resulted in some kind of a fear in the people. The nation united as one and the media got a goldmine of stories but still, the ruling was not satisfactory. Anything short of a death penalty would not have made a difference in my opinion. And clearly it hasn’t. If there are men waiting behind bushes to reach out and rape you in the middle of the night then clearly they have no fear.

See even putting them in jail will not make a difference. When asked, a convict replied “it was just a rape. What is the big deal? It happens all the time. Why am i being tried so strictly?”. Do you see my point here? It is in the Indian mindset that rapes happen and its a common occurrence. There are families who hush up their daughters who have been raped and ask them to take it sportingly. And there is no degree of rape. Rape is still a rape. If it is for 10 minutes or for 3 hours, it still counts as rape. And that needs to sink in first. It needs to sink in that women have a right to not be raped. And all those humanitarians who come to the rescue of these convicts asking the judiciary to give out lesser sentences should wake up and realise that those without decency should be fought without hesitation.  It is only when we start handing out harsher sentences that some kind of a fear will be driven inside.

I will never bring a child into this world and subject him to this kind of a brutality. I deem this world and this country unworthy. With that, i end. It’s not like this is going to change anything anyway. Its heartbreaking, more than anything.


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