Movie review : SUICIDE SQUAD (2016)

Starring : Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne

There are some movies that make normal life seem extraordinary afterwards. They take you to a higher plane and leave you with a sense of excitement and an adrenaline high that last for days. After waiting for almost a year, avoiding rumours and leaks and trailers and everything else linked to the movie i am extremely excited to say that Suicide Squad has lived up to its hype.

I was almost worried if expected too much and you know how expectations always let you down. But this is far from it. I will not be adding any spoilers here or anything that reveals the story or the characters. Because i hate it when people do that. I would rather find out about it myself and as should you.

The action is insane, the characters and their backstory is insane, the chemistry between the star studded cast is insane and the overall feel of the movie is insane. I almost feel bad that it had to end. I wanted it to go on and on and on. Thankfully there is a sequel and it will blend in with the Justice League series that DC are planning to do. Which is about the right time because i am frankly sick of all the crap MARVEL has been shovelling.

You have to watch this movie and i suggest an IMAX quality if you have one near your home. I just have no words. I don’t know why the reviews this movie has been getting are lukewarm. I mean there were a few weak areas in the movie which could have been better. The dialogues for instance, at some places felt rather weak or misplaced. But they more than make up for it soon enough.

Will Smith as the lead character again gives us no holds barred grit and glory with his presence. I have never doubted him as an actor and his presence and charisma on screen is undeniable.

A special mention to Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I mean where do i even begin. I think she owned the role just like Heath Ledger owned the Joker all those years ago, It may eventually become a cult classic and she will be remembered for her role. It was a bit dodgy at first and i felt that this may have been a questionable casting choice but she completely brings it home.

Jared Leto as the joker is different but equally haunting and convincing. It is best not to draw conclusions to the earlier versions of the Joker and see him in his own style.

Overall, a thrilling experience and i can’t remember the last time a movie had this effect on me. An unbelievable event. All that time spent waiting for a movie and avoiding trailers paid off. You will know what i am talking about when you see it.

Rating : 9.5/10.

Go watch it now!!


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