Movie review : Bad Moms (2016)

Cast : Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate. 

I went in expecting the worst from this movie. Because there are now tons in this genre and most of them take a chance with a weak script and dodgy direction. Surprisingly though, even with a simple plot this movie ended up being a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. It takes a deep look into the life of a modern working mother who has to juggle work, taking care of kids, putting food on the table etc while everyone else slacks off and leave no room for error. Much like in real life if I’m being perfectly candid. 

A lazy Sunday afternoon movie which is fun and there isn’t a dull moment anywhere. I mean there’s always something happening and there is a bit of a direction in the story line. You do end up sympathising with Mila and understand her need to get away from the madness that is a permanent entity in her life. 

And somewhere in the middle there’s a very important message hidden. You’ll know what I’m taking about after you see the movie. And you must watch it definitely. Or wait for it to come on your local cable network. But do watch it. It sure is fun. 

Special mention about Mila Kunis and how she’s has drastically improved her acting and her presence on screen. She was a total delight to watch and stole the show with the help of her friends in the cast. 

My rating : 7/10. 


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