Poké stop. 

We didn’t ask for much. Only for the world to keep itself occupied while we gave each other company. Not that we had any plan or an agenda. The idea was to get engrossed in the little world we had created for ourselves and get lost in it. If you were to ask me I couldn’t tell you when that day started and when it ended. But for all intents and purposes my day began like any other, after seeing her and it ended as always when I dropped her home. What happened in the middle was just us being us and the world may not get it or understand but that’s who we are. 

We walked endlessly and I couldn’t tell you how much we walked. I was engrossed in holding on to her warm hands on that particularly chilly afternoon. I don’t know how she does that but her hands are always warm. Not the feverish kinda warm, I mean the comforting kinda warm. With one hand holding our umbrellas and the other hand holding our phones we ventured into one of the city’s famous parks to catch elusive Pokemon. Yup, the world wouldn’t get it but somehow even after we hadn’t planned to spend 2 hours catching Pokemon, we ended up doing exactly that. What resulted was a memorable evening even when it may seem inocous to the common eye. But then that’s who we are around each other. It’s not about grand gestures and going on extravagant trips with tons of photographs showing off to the world. When we find a space, we occupy it and post a ” no trespassing” sign at the door. Because outside intervention isn’t allowed while we do what we do. 

The world has a lot to say about us. Opinions and raised eyebrows fly by from each direction. But there are those too who understand what it is that draws us closer again and again, time after time. There are those who express concern, while others warn to be cautious and then some who embrace us for the way we are. I wish I could replay a tape of this afternoon to the sceptics. Those who have doubted us and to those who focus only on our differences. I want to show them how we transform into kids around each other. How earthly matters matter least and people with things to say are just noise after a point. 

As we sat on a park bench with a lure module on at one of the pokestops I looked to my right and saw her release swear words at a lonely Ratatta who had showed up, I knew then that the world would never understand us. They will never get what we have and understand our dynamic. And at that moment I knew, I didn’t have to explain myself to anyone. I guess one can never fully understand what two people have in between. And it is this very stupidity that we share among us that makes me happier than I have been in a long time. That even on a rainy gloomy day, there was a ray of sunshine right beside me and I was holding her hand while we played Pokémon Go. 

Because in the end, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? I meant looking for sunshine on a rainy day, not Pokémon. Well them too actually. 


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