Uneasy world.

Uneasy world we live in. And i stress on the word uneasy. We live in times where everyone is sure about what they believe in. Everyone is affirmed in their beliefs and there isn’t a thing that can waiver that. We live in times where people don’t hold back anymore. They feel they are entitled, they feel they are allowed to say what they can and not worry about the consequences. We live in times where sensitive matters and issues are being talked about openly and are being addressed with the utmost insensitivity that the matter demands. Being heavily opinionated and easily influenced is a dangerous thing. Especially if you intend to be vocal about it publicly and get in people’s faces with it. Suspicions are high and one cannot trust a fellow human being for what he might do or what he might say about something. Again, an uneasy world we live in.

Now i am all for opinions and i am all for fighting for one’s rights but i line os often crossed these days. Without a second thought, hate is spewed all over the internet and social media and everywhere you look. Things people say are flashed in front of your eyes. Its all people talk about, its all over the televisions and it is all over the internet. in the end whatever presents itself is someone’s heavily opinionated version of events. And more and more opinions are piled on top of that to make it one big chaos. In the end the matter in itself loses focus and it becomes a conflict of opinions. And it is everywhere. The latest incident with Kim Kardashian for instance. Being held at gun point can scar a person for life but then again because of who she is, people wasted no time in saying that she deserved it. Her supporters joined in shaming those who said that and that sparked a twitter outrage between her haters and supporters. The real issue got lost in the midst of all this. I don’t know what it is. It’s like talking to a wall. You cannot reason with a person who is incapable of being reasoned with. A person who refuses to listen and refuses to understand your side of the story with patience is not someone you can have a reasonable conversation with.

Uneasy world we live in where everyone is on edge, ready to strike with venomous words and hate. It may seem harmless to call someone something on social media. Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on his show where celebrities read actual tweets sent about them which are plain awful. And such strong personal opinions about someone you haven’t met or know anything about. Same thing applies to having opinions applied to a particular country, a race, a religion or anything for that matter. I’m reminded by this line by an old Eminem song which said “if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then don’t say nothin’”. And it is true. The world has enough problems as it is. Why ruin it with your own negativity? Your own opinions which may seem to make sense to you but don’t necessarily apply to someone else? Your own outlook to life with total disregard for your fellow human being?

I feel lost for words as these too will eventually fall on deaf ears and fade away just like everything else does eventually these days. Giving a damn about anything is so uncouth to the youth. And the old are too damn stubborn in their own ways that nothing can lead them off the path they’ve already chosen. There is no acceptance anymore, no wiggle room, no leeway for another human. It is this sense of entitlement that drive people into thinking they are always right and everyone else is always wrong. It is the pleasure that people derive by belittling someone and turning a blind eye to their own faults and shortcomings.

An uneasy world it is. Careful not to offend anyone with anything or face a raging storm of hate that does no physical harm but damages you mentally. Everything you throw out into the world is being read, it is being received. It is being assessed, every move, every comment, every video and every time you speak to someone. I feel we have stopped being human beings because the human element has disappeared. When you attack each other like animals for seemingly innocuous things then what does that make you? What does that make us? Let us call ourselves “entitled beings” from now on because that seems more appropriate.

I think to live in this world and actually enjoy living one has to be a blithering idiot. Only then can you turn a blind eye towards all the wrongs in the world and not worry about where we are heading as a civilisation. Only the idiots can rejoice in blissful idiotic ignorance and be happy. Anyone else with a remote sense of right and wrong would wither and worry about where we are and what we stand for. It bothers me. it bothers me a great deal. But i am helpless like many others who stand a watch while the idiots overrun the place with their hateful ignorance and misguided opinions and we stand and watch the carnage.

I am just one person with a laptop, sitting up in bed on a late night and pouring my heart out to those who give a damn. I am just one person. And i’m afraid it is too late…


One thought on “Uneasy world.

  1. Perhaps there are two of us. You might appreciate this:


    You might also enjoy reading the book “The Three-body Problem” by Cixin Liu. The original is in Chinese, but I can’t read that. The one I mean is out in (American style) English, published in the UK by Head of Zeus Ltd. I know you read and write in English with some facility. If you do read it I’d be interested in your views. BTW it won the 2015 Hugo Award as best (science Fiction) novel.

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