Conversation with myself.

The following conversation happened between me and a version of myself.

version 1: You know, this girl knows a lot of famous people. if things work out maybe i could get to meet some of them.

Version 2: Famous people like bollywood stars? Do you really want to meet them? And what exactly would you say to them? I dont know why people create such a big fuss about them anyway. I mean what’s the big deal?

1: I don’t know. It seems like thats what people do i suppose. Wanting to want to meet someone famous is something we all want. i guess.

2: yes but movie stars? Give me a talented musician or a scientist with a breakthrough discovery and i will agree. You can even talk to them. What do you talk to a movie star about? The obsession with stardom is pointless.

1: True. These days pretty much anyone is famous. Back in the day there used to be a fixed well known number of actors, musicians, bands etc. These days it is more about the music and less about the artist. and dont even get me started on actors. Every single TV show has an entirely new cast. Where are all these people suddenly spawning from?

2: No idea man. People obsess over it. they want to be on TV. they want to be seen and they want to be heard. They want people to want to be them, see them and admire them. For reasons i cannot understand.

1: Its a billion dollar industry. I wonder how it helps in the grand scheme of things. like how are we as a civilization benefiting from the world of movies and TV shows.

2: You know we dont read much. I think movies and TV shows grant access to ideas and thought. Or a way of living. You know we have learnt more from TV than from books. Not in terms of education, but in terms of living life.

1: That i agree with. looks like the noodles are almost done here.

2: Yeah, still a little water in there. Just move it around for a while.

1: Okay. Do we have something to watch tonight?

2: I don’t know. I’ll download something.

1: Okay.


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