Planet Earth

Protecting the environment and focusing on controlling adverse climate change through global warming has suddenly popped back up into the spotlight after spending a while hibernating in people’s minds. It could be that the United States presidential election is around the corner and they would like the next president to be aware of these challenges and address them as soon as possible. A series of documentaries have surfaced right at this defining moment and they lay the truth bare naked. It is no surprise to realise that we are in deep trouble and it is already too late to undo what we already did.

But its us in the end isnt it? I just feel that animals live by a better code than us humans. While we have made most of the resources that we could gather, not much has been done to maintain our continued survival on this planet. It has been a mad dash to deplete as much as we can in the name of progress and innovation to be quite honest. Solar power still remains a distant dream in many corners of the world even though it has tremendous potential. There are a bunch of factors that influence all of this. And the root cause of all this failure to innovate in alternative energy source has been corruption. The technology is there, the means are there, the transportation to make it happen is also there. But it wont happen. As Leonardo Dicaprio demonstrates in his documentary with national geographic, it is much harder to get all of this in motion because of all the people who stand in the way focusing on personal gains. It is incredibly short sighted of them. What good is wealth and power when you wont have a sustainable earth in the next 50 years? What good is all that when your future generations will be busy dying thanks to air borne toxins and polluted waters?

Human beings as a species have a tendency to believe only what they see. Add to that the attitude to deal with a problem some other day. Why mess with a thing that works they say. Well it isnt working though, is it? Even after seeing elevated levels of pollution and start contrasts to observed weather patterns, people refuse to believe that any of their actions are having any sort of an impact. They call global warming a myth but if it is backed by credible data then how can anything be so hard to understand? How can so many people choose to turn a blind eye to a problem staring them in the face?

The first episode of Planet Earth 2 aired a few days ago and i am in awe of our beautiful planet. These are things we dont get to see living in the cities but they all happen not too far away. We are just not there to see it. However our actions here affect those far away too. People here talk about life being hard. I would ask them to watch this documentary and see the section about baby iguanas and racer snakes. That is what constitutes as life being hard. Being chased by snakes as soon as you’re born. THAT is life being hard. Your boss yelling at you or not being able to decide between pasta and pizza is not hard.

After that i urge you to watch the watch the part about the chinstrap penguins on the Zavodovski Island. Watch what they go through to raise a family and batter the most ruthless environments to sustain life.

The human race has become pathetic. It is pathetic. The things we focus on and the things that revolve around our worlds are ridiculous. We are all caught up in the trivial pursuits of life and we forget to look up and realise that we are on a very delicate planet that needs our help. Sure you and I and almost anyone who reads this will be dead by the time doom falls upon us but is that what we are looking for? Is that how the human race ends? Right after the disgusting culture of selfies, cheating, hook ups, being upset about everything and making one’s useless misguided views heard on the social media? Is this how we end? Are these the things to focus on?

It all just seems like talk and talk is all we ever do really. That is all we have ever done in our lives. Only a few have done something about a problem.

I have no doubt in my mind that animals feel a bigger obligation to their code and to their planet. No other species has manipulated the environment to suit its own survival. It breaks my heart to watch how we take our planet for granted. Watch the original planet earth documentary and then follow that up with the new episode of season 2. And if that still fails to light up a bulb of self realisation, then i am afraid you’re dead inside and you are unfit to live on this planet. We could all do without having you around.


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