It’s an interesting new place. A lot of personalities who occupy certain positions and make me tread lightly. There’s a constant presence of fear or supervision over my shoulder,just lurking. I can sense their arrogance in their demeanor and it is almost like reading about it in a book or watching a movie. Because these characters have to be scripted. They cannot exist in real life. But as I live and breathe, they stand in front of me every day much to my amusement. 
May we live in interesting times, they said to me once. And times are indeed interesting. It has been a month since my teary departure from home and I find myself on the outside, looking in. Watching over my own life from a distance in amusement. So many questions, so many pointless rules and a very simple easy and obvious way to resolve everything but there needs to be a willingness to listen for a conversation to prosper. So, what I do is, I keep all my ideas and thoughts to myself and follow orders with stern determination up front, but I back it up with a chuckle when I’m alone. 
One day follows another and I would have to look up my daily work done record to tell you about what I did a week ago. Because I couldn’t tell you. I like the evenings though. A few hours to myself where no one usually bothers me. I can do whatever I want. The other day I watched the sun go down. For no reason in particular. It just felt good that I could in fact do that. That I had the time to watch it happen without worrying about anything else. 
My general response on my previous ship was that of anger and aggression. I tried that here for a while but that was a bad idea. When you’re met with staunch stupidity, it’s best to give way. Because stupidity is incorrigible. Stupidity doesn’t know better but to assert force and shine a bright light upon itself. In these cases it is best to make way and watch all this stupidity roll past you in amusement. It becomes a source of entertainment. Which is something I can say about this ship, something I have never felt on any ship ever before this one. I feel entertained. Here, I’ve already been shouted at once, i have people talking about me behind my back, I have a few friends here, the cadets are respectful of me while they hate everyone else. But all in all, none of this affects me. I mean I couldn’t give a damn. Earlier I would get offended and retaliate in some form or the other but I’ve realized that’s just me exhausting myself. I just wake up each day to a new scene and a new source of entertainment. 
Interesting times. 


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