Winter woes

I’ve had the good fortune of not being at home during winters for the past few years. Somehow it always lined up with me joining a new ship somewhere. And that is a relief because you can snuggle up near an engine and keep warm. No matter how bad the weather is outside, the engine room provides an escape. This time too i had joined in November, just days before it got seriously cold around here. And i was thanking my stars once again. However that joy was to be short lived. I had to come back home due to unavoidable circumstances. I am now home in peak winter. And yeah, winters in delhi are nothing compared to places up north but for a guy who is incapable of producing any body heat, it becomes a daily challenge.

Winters are by far the most wretched time of the year. It is depressing, gloomy and even the sun doest feel like working for those few months. Quite uncharacteristic for the sun to not work in India but thats the case. People huddle up in parks soaking up the minuscule microscopic microseconds of sunshine that is delivered without notice. And while that is a welcome relief, it soon fades away returning back the gloom and horror of a cold winter’s night. As of now i have brought out all the big guns. I am covered in 5 layers of clothing, i have deployed an electric heater and an electric blanket but it still seems a futile attempt to combat the cold. One almost has to draw out a list of pros and cons before deciding if it is worth stepping out of the bed.

It’s like having a very annoying relative who is always around and wouldn’t leave. Even when you try to escape them, they are always lurking around reminding you of their presence. but even the most annoying relatives eventually go away. Winters however linger for months and months and they assure you that they’ll be back again. I’ve had the good fortune of avoiding this wretched weather altogether for the past 2-3 years. i had almost forgotten what winters feel like. But i am now caught in the middle.

I now stand with a noticeable disgust on my face, waiting for the days to pass. Waiting for that summer breeze on a hot day. waiting for the season of shorts and t-shirts. Waiting for the season of beer buckets. Waiting for the shiver to end and to shed all this useless body armour. For i am a summer baby and winters are not my jam. I prefer to be warmed up. Staying warm isn’t my thing.


4 thoughts on “Winter woes

  1. Least night we had a hard frost. (Cumbria, UK) Lots of frost in every direction. However I slept with the window open and was comfortably warm. Even woke up sweating. I’d willingly share my secret, but I’m not sure what it is. Sorry. 😦

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