Movie review : The Founder

This one casts a bright shining light on the blissful ignorance we live in. One of the most famous brands of the world “McDonald’s” has a dark dark history and i had no idea about it. The brand that boasts about feeding 1% of the world’s population on a daily basis is the product of a hostile takeover and the slimy deeds of a person long forgotten. Makes you really wonder if there is any good left in the world at all. Even a family restaurant serving happy meals has blood on its hands.

The movie albeit being slow covered all facts deemed necessary to showcase this biopic and i am glad it did if I’m being perfectly candid. The movie otherwise had a good cast selection, good direction, a well written screen play and above all else good acting. I am just sad that this really happened. That two brothers in a small place in California started off with a noble idea of providing fast and efficient service to people but they were conned. It more of a daylight robbery than a con to be honest.

It’s nice in a way to be shown the facts. Makes you realise that the world is far from being a perfect place and you have to be a ruthless slime to move ahead in the world. I recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been to a McDonald’s. As fas as I’m concerned, i won’t be going to one ever again in my life.


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