The civilised way of life.

At times i feel that writing here is a lost cause. I had the idea that people would come here and perhaps witness and appreciate a different outlook to things in life that happen around us. I do understand that i have a very different approach to life. Most of my friends and colleagues dont understand this side of me but that doesn’t necessarily make me wrong. In fact we are trained to think that nothing is wrong in this world that we live in. We all base it on individual perceptions and what may be right for one person can be totally wrong for someone else. One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. I agree that opinions about something can’t be wrong entirely. In all honestly no one has access to the entire truth. Not even those who run the world. There are bits of information accessible to some and they develop an understanding of a concept based on what is in front of them. Another group may do so with an entirely different set of data. However we forget that no one has the entire picture. Being stubborn about your own opinions and understandings is being too self centred and it doesn’t allow you to accommodate someone else’s ideas. Moreover you shield yourself in a bubble of ignorance and refuse to come out.

Opinions come with questions attached and a need for a justification. Thats what we do as a society. we discuss and we debate. everyone brings a different set of information to the table and collectively as a whole the entire group gets educated. Thats how information spreads and benefits people. Not from angry tweets, not from stubbornly hating someone based on incomplete information, not by making accusations about something you dont fully understand.

If we all come to an understanding that we all have our own individual assessments about the world and it may not necessarily be wrong, we will become more accommodating. By providing room for thoughts to grow and reciprocate and not shutting them down based on what we think is right, we implement and encourage a system where ideas are welcome and not shot down. We welcome inputs which are well thought out and understood and when these are compared to our own understanding of them, maybe in the end everyone walks away just a little bit wiser than before.

I can never understand or respect people who speak out using an “I know better” tone and refuse to accept the reality that they could be wrong. Words need to be measured and weighed before being tossed into the world. Especially now, when it is so easy to offend anyone. Understand that maybe you dont have a complete understanding of what the other person is talking about. Or maybe that the other person is in a better position to make a judgement about the topic.

The world needs more people who listen, we have enough who blast their opinions at others without consideration. Listen, discuss, debate, argue but above all else, return back to the civilised way of life.


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