Arachnid knight

Your guardian presenceAnd watchful eyes

Keep me safe

From hurt and lies. 

Silently still,

Far up above,

In your own world,

But so much love. 

You disappeared,

One fine day,

Packed your bags,

With nothing to say. 

I asked what happened,

When I left the room?

She said I waved my wand,

And swept the broom. 

Now I look up,

Right where you lurked,

Your house is gone,

And I’ve gone berserk. 

My watchful knight,

A selfless friend,

Curbing lonely days

And long weekends. 

I miss you now,

Right on that ceiling,

In that corner

That now lies gleaming. 

I felt safe in your watchful gaze,

Protected by your presence..

And now with one swift sweep,

Gone is your house and your essence. 

I do hope you return,

O’ selfless outsider,

I prefer you over my human roommate,

My watchful loving spider. 


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