Remember me?

i often sit and wonder
about those who i have wronged.
Who were once best friends
now who knows where they belong?

Some of them lovers too,
Some of them long forgotten,
Some still fresh and thriving.
some just corrode me rotten.

I wonder if they think of me,
and what they think when they do,
do i come up as a quirk,
or have i caused heartbreak too?

Do they see me as the one who got away,
or the one too good to be true?
Or maybe someone best forgotten,
Or someone they hardly knew?

What am i to these people,
Who show up unannounced
Waltzing in my memory
casting a web of doubt.

And what are the things,
that remind them of me?
A silhouette on the window,
Or a shadow in the sea?

Perhaps a face, a laugh,
Maybe something i said,
Do they remember me,
And stay awake late in bed?

Who knows these answers?
Who knows if they think of me too?
It’s not wishful thinking,
Can’t be more than a few.

Faces flash past my eyes
their words echo in my ears,
I wonder who remembers me now,
After all of these years.


24 thoughts on “Remember me?

  1. I too share each and every one of these thoughts, it’s a very common thing.
    Almost everyone feels forgotten and disconnected with old buddies, at a later time in life.
    It seems you took words out of my heart and mind and put them right here. Nice work!
    Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I agree, this happens to most of us. But having gone through this for a major portion of my life, I can tell you for sure that there comes a time when it doesn’t matter anymore. Nevertheless, this is a commendable piece and I hope that you eventually find peace!

  3. I guess everyone comes across such momemnts in life when one wonders over how people they crossed paths with eons ago must fare now. One wonders how their stories may have been different if we acted differently. It’s all part of Life but you’ve beautifully conveyed the pathos of it.

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